Hey, thought I had better provide to you good folk a decent update on whats been happening. Well firstly lets talk jiu jitsu.

Training has been progressing at a steady pace and I can now grapple 30+ rounds comfortably. My fitness (in particular my recovery time) is better than it has ever been. Rolling consistently with a world class black belt hasnt heart my skills developement either ;)
The barrier occurred two weeks ago when I injured my knee whilst rolling. At first it was extremely painful but then the pain went away. I thought it was just a large strain. But it has gotten progressively worse. Thats the bad news. The good news is that with alot of tape and a knee brace I am ready to push on. The swelling is now slowly going down and even though I have continued training it hasnt re-occurred. I will get through this event then have it looked at.

Next the event itself - well there is lots happening there. Firstly Blitz martial arts magazine will be in attendance and taking photos. There will be a fundraising bbq on the day, a raffled prize pack including a 12mth subscription to blitz or inside mma (winners choice) a private lesson with Dan Cherubin (one of Australia's top competitors), tshirts and other mystery apparrel and 2 DVD's. TrippleM will be announcing the event in the lead up and there is a CHANCE that Billy Brownless may be in attendance.

So all in all lots happening and lots to get ready for. If you want to donate please email me at inevitable@ncable.ncable.net.au


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