So much has occurred since I last wrote here I do not know where to begin. My father died in a tragic accident on the 10/10/2010. His funeral was yesterday and the whole thing has left me shaken to the core. Unsure of not only myself but my surroundings. It is a deeply personal loss of which I will not go into here. However...

I have spoken to my family and they all feel that Dad would want me to continue to run this race. So that is what I will do. I have had an enormous amount of help to put this together for Sunday (24th October), and although mentally "ship wrecked" I am physically in peak condition. In fact I do not ever recall being fitter.

There is a bunch of stuff happening on the day from a bbq, raffle, to the grappling event itself. So if you have a chance come on down and have a look.

Hey, thought I had better provide to you good folk a decent update on whats been happening. Well firstly lets talk jiu jitsu.

Training has been progressing at a steady pace and I can now grapple 30+ rounds comfortably. My fitness (in particular my recovery time) is better than it has ever been. Rolling consistently with a world class black belt hasnt heart my skills developement either ;)
The barrier occurred two weeks ago when I injured my knee whilst rolling. At first it was extremely painful but then the pain went away. I thought it was just a large strain. But it has gotten progressively worse. Thats the bad news. The good news is that with alot of tape and a knee brace I am ready to push on. The swelling is now slowly going down and even though I have continued training it hasnt re-occurred. I will get through this event then have it looked at.

Next the event itself - well there is lots happening there. Firstly Blitz martial arts magazine will be in attendance and taking photos. There will be a fundraising bbq on the day, a raffled prize pack including a 12mth subscription to blitz or inside mma (winners choice) a private lesson with Dan Cherubin (one of Australia's top competitors), tshirts and other mystery apparrel and 2 DVD's. TrippleM will be announcing the event in the lead up and there is a CHANCE that Billy Brownless may be in attendance.

So all in all lots happening and lots to get ready for. If you want to donate please email me at

Hey folks just wanted to let you all know that last Sunday Dan and I wrestled 20 rounds straight (3 min each) to test the waters so to speak. It was a great confidence booster for me as my fitness was not an issue at all. We videoed the whole thing (proof I guess) but it is too big to put up here. Coach Dan has the DVD but I have just put a highlight reel up here for you guys to see. The music that goes with it is once again uniquely me. Third Day - Thousand Hills and Third Day - Love Song. The first because it inspires me and the second because it reminds me of why I am doing this. RIP Faith...

Please consider whether you are in a position to sponsor this event and remember sponsorship is open NOW!

So on Sunday Dan and I put the fitness work to a small test, 10 rounds, 3 minutes each, 30second break (basically long enough to re-straighten the gi) in between each round. It went really well. We worked at a solid pace really working for submissions, sweeps and passes. After the final round I was back at my resting heart rate within 3 minutes.

So although it is only ten rounds the indicators are all good. I will keep really pushing my fitness, and rolling as much as I can. Sponsorship opens in two days time and I would really appreciate any amount you guys feel you can support. Stay tuned might try for some footage of the next test - 20 rounds...

I have just finished my CrossFit fundementals and I think I may have found a new passion! It was amazing to be taken through the various ranges of movement, have them explained and work at applying them correctly. I have no doubt that by adding this regime to what I am already doing I will achieve my goal of 100 x3 minute rounds.

I decided to take tonight off the comp and cardio night at Cherubin Jiu Jitsu as my body is reeling abit. 6 days of 2 - 3 work outs a day, I may have over done it a little. Cardio session and light roll tomorrow and then on Sunday my first real test 20 x 3 minute rounds... perhaps I might post some progress footage. Time for some well earned sleep now :)

Well I continue to train hard and as such have decided to put together a little montage of todays training session. I have even included some of my favorite WHITESNAKE (oh yeah!) music to accompany it. Its not a very flattering video for me but I want to show you guys that I am training hard. I will include future training session footage which might include some mountain biking and kayaking -just to make it interesting. Tomorrow my CrossFit journey begins and I am really looking forward to that.

To those folks who continue support and encourage - cheers and to those others, well you know...
Support is starting to ramp up and sponsorship and financial contributions are open as of next week. I just want to remind you guys that donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. Also just to let you know that there will be an auction and raffle on the day with private lessons and free training up for grabs. Also working on securing some gear to raffle away too - I'll keep you posted.

One of my favorite sayings "acta non verba" (action not words)is what is guiding me at the moment as the serious training is well and truly underway for "FIGHTING FOR FAITH". I'm skipping and running most days as well as my jiu jitsu 4 to 5 times per week. My coach Dan has been spending alot of time with me pushing and encouraging.
I'm also hoping to make the most of the support offered by crossfit and top tier in coming weeks. The initial mass soreness I felt when I first ramped up my training has been reduced significantly over the past week as my body gets used to being pushed and as I ask more of it.
Sponsorship / donations will be open from the start of September and people will be able to sponsor as a one off donation or per round. Barwon Health Foundation have a link to it on their website now too which is great.

For those grappler's out there I will be taking names and emails for those who want to roll on the day. It is only a gold coin donation per rounds you want to do - grappler's from all academies are welcome.
I plan on adding some video footage of the training sessions (although they are not very flattering - lol) and some pictures from the childrens ward of where the money will be spent. Anyways I had best go vote and then get into some training - watch this space....

CJJ tonight was good. Love the flowing nature of jiu jitsu. Did some drills then a couple of 10 minute in the whole rounds. Fairly short workout as I got in a little late, but did some skipping (well my version of it lol) before and after class. Also focused tonight on upping the intensity of my grappling.

Tonight got into the club and attended Chris Bradford's Top Tier Muay Thai class. Great to work out with a new bunch of guys and push things a bit. With a strong background in shootfighting I was amazed at the difference required in the natural movement of the sport. Moving and keeping loose, driving for power and working on the fitness level. I had a great time and will head back in Thursday for more.

I also wanted to let people know that after hearing about the fundraiser in October Chris immediately offered to sponsor me for the event. What a great guy. Do yourself a favor folks and come in and check out Cherubin Jiu Jitsu and Top Tier Muay Thai - they are unparalleled as far as I am concerned in state of Victoria.

So Monday night kicked of with a hard core training session at Cherubin Jiu Jitsu. Partnered up and worked with Michael, Anthony, & Gebsy. Working for a solid 48 minutes (3 minute rounds positional in the hole training - guard, hooks in back control, side control escapes, and escape the mount) with Dan Cherubin there pushing and encouraging us the whole time. It was tough but felt great to get through it.

After class I sat on the side of the mat watching Dan have a roll with Gebsy and then discuss some finer points for him to work on... It then dawned on me the enormity of what I am undertaking 100 3 minute rounds. It really is time for me to switch on and get into it. I have some great support coming together but ultimately it is up to me to push through, work hard and put myself in the best possible position for success.