So Monday night kicked of with a hard core training session at Cherubin Jiu Jitsu. Partnered up and worked with Michael, Anthony, & Gebsy. Working for a solid 48 minutes (3 minute rounds positional in the hole training - guard, hooks in back control, side control escapes, and escape the mount) with Dan Cherubin there pushing and encouraging us the whole time. It was tough but felt great to get through it.

After class I sat on the side of the mat watching Dan have a roll with Gebsy and then discuss some finer points for him to work on... It then dawned on me the enormity of what I am undertaking 100 3 minute rounds. It really is time for me to switch on and get into it. I have some great support coming together but ultimately it is up to me to push through, work hard and put myself in the best possible position for success.


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