One of my favorite sayings "acta non verba" (action not words)is what is guiding me at the moment as the serious training is well and truly underway for "FIGHTING FOR FAITH". I'm skipping and running most days as well as my jiu jitsu 4 to 5 times per week. My coach Dan has been spending alot of time with me pushing and encouraging.
I'm also hoping to make the most of the support offered by crossfit and top tier in coming weeks. The initial mass soreness I felt when I first ramped up my training has been reduced significantly over the past week as my body gets used to being pushed and as I ask more of it.
Sponsorship / donations will be open from the start of September and people will be able to sponsor as a one off donation or per round. Barwon Health Foundation have a link to it on their website now too which is great.

For those grappler's out there I will be taking names and emails for those who want to roll on the day. It is only a gold coin donation per rounds you want to do - grappler's from all academies are welcome.
I plan on adding some video footage of the training sessions (although they are not very flattering - lol) and some pictures from the childrens ward of where the money will be spent. Anyways I had best go vote and then get into some training - watch this space....


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